Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Camping.  Why do I do it?

Even with the cold, the wind, and the lack of plumbing, I love when the Pigs say stuff like "I helped build the fire!" or "Oatmeal isn't too disgusting." But the best things to hear are "Thumbs Up to camping!" and "It was AWESOME!!"

Last weekend Pigs 1 & 2 and I camping with the Boy Scouts in celebration of 100 Years of Boy Scouting.

The Main drag in Marshall

Our Camp Site

The Calhoun County Fair Grounds Midway was all set up for fun.  There were activities, bouncy things, a climbing wall, and Remote Control Cars.

My favorite, by far, was the Beat the Crap out of your Buddy area, hosted by Mormon Youth.
You think I make this crap up? Elder Thomas can kick ass, if he wants to.

Here was our mess tent.  Due to high winds while putting it up, we lost a few scouts.  They turned up one county over.  We told them they were the lucky ones, because they got to go Parasailing.

What do I do at Scout Camping?
I hide in my tent and KNIT!

No, I do all the Scout activities.  Ok, not so much the climbing wall, or the Mormon Fistacuff ring, but all the other stuff.

Scouts on Parade...
See, I really do all the stuff Scouts do!

Marshall really went all out for the Scouts.  The shut down the roads and let us run amok.  It was an awesome sight seeing all those Scouts roaming the town.  No, No, I wasn't worried about zombie attack, it seems that Marshall really knows how to keep the zombies at bay. 

Zombies Hate Fighting Chicks in Prom Dresses

For a final photo, I'd like to show my tent.  Please note that it is whole, in one piece, not covered in pee, and not down a hill. 

When's our next camping trip?


WonderWhyGal said...

I love the fleece vest you're wearing! That alpaca logo is very charming ;-)

I'm glad the weather, although cool, was rain free.

All those scouts didn't even know they were in the presence of major awesome.

Holly Bee said...

Some of them knew of the awesome!

simply patti said...

with all jokes aside; you are an awesome mom!