Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Chicago, with Pigs, and Zombies!

Last week there was a lull in the online adventures, because we hit the road!

Here's the beginning of my Storm Cloud Shawlette.  Ok, sure no knitting to be seen, but I was working on it.  This is from my hand spun yarn.  It's a blend of Alpaca (of course, I have a dealer!) and the yellow and orange is merino.  All of the raw materials are from Marty and Alice.

Our first stop was at Navy Pier.  Of course we went went there were Super Heroes afoot.  Although the Pigs were pissed that Marvel and DC heros were both at the same event.  They are particular like them, bless them Stan Lee, bless them.
When on vacation with 3 Pigs and an Ogre, it's always good to treat your self.  Ok, my ass is not thanking me, but my mental well being was.  Yes, M&M's do go well with Pinot Grigio.

There WERE zombies at the Field Museum.  Or the Shelly Field Museum as the Pigs call it.  But we eliminated those zombies ASAP then carried on with our day.  I especially loved the Ancient Americas Exhibit.  It was really well done, for both kids and adults alike.  Lot's to read, but also a lot to touch. 

Unlike the Diamond Exhibit.  I grazed a case with my finger nail and was almost taken down with a flying tackle.  Luckily, because of all my zombie defense techniques, I saw the guard approaching in the the glasses reflection and was able to step clear of his attack.

We decided as a family that our new thing would be to pose like Ninja's in front of all the places we visit.  I can't wait to get a family Ninja shot infront of the Washington Memorial. 

At the zoo, my favorite is the swamp.  The birds are enclosed, and it doesn't reek of aardvarks.

Here we have the Smart Home at the Museum of Science and Industry.  If they ever need a family to live on the Museum grounds, I would volunteer us.  It was the most amazing thing.  Bamboo floors, recycled oven door counter tops, green roof, it was SWEET!  Also, we were proud of the Museum for their use of a giant museum size water cisterne.  Not only were they talking up water conservation at the Smart House, but also putting it to work around the Museum.  Good call! More information from Michelle Kaufmann...

Smart Home at Science & Industry
So, recap-We fought zombies, and learned how to save the environment.  Awesome.

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