Monday, March 15, 2010

It might be a problem

This time of year people talk about the return of the robins, and the melting of snow.  Not here my friends, because I have ALPACA MADNESS!!
I don't care what season it is.  I've got my alpaca fluff and yarn, and I'm going to use it no matter the weather.  I loves it Precious, yes, yes, loves it.

How does one get ALPACA MADNESS?

It starts innocently enough.  You buy some alpaca fiber. Maybe knit a scarf, or a hat.  Next thing you know it's a shawl.

Then you find yourself hanging out with alpaca.

Soon you'll find you want to get your alpaca fiber straight from the source. 
The Wonder Why Gal and Big Smith

Then you're helping by handing out samples, trying to get other people hooked. 

Oh, the love of Alpaca is a slippery slope.  First it's alpaca yarn, next thing you know you've got a Peruvian Beauty grazing in the back yard.
But look how pretty!

50% Alpaca, 35% Merino, 15% Bamboo

Pssst, I know where you can score some alpaca.

Wonder Why Alpaca Farm-etsy


Linda said...

Gaaa! Can't look! Can't look! LOL!

WonderWhyGal said...


Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

Love it! I always kind of felt like a crack dealer when I worked at my LYS.

Carina said...

I once had a customer use grocery money to buy the yarn she wanted at a shop I clerked in. We were definitely dealers.

That said, I hear ya on the WonderWhy alpaca. It's dang addictive. My fingers have been itching to spin with it again (got the wheel out and everything), but I've had sweaters to finish knitting. I might have to spin during a grading break tonight...