Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Still with the Clap

I am covered in the Clap!

Clapotis-Briar Rose Fibers

The thrill of the Olympics is really paying off.  I'm talking for me personally here. Just look at me go with my bad knitting self.  I mean really, my bad knitting self normally doesn't get this far in a project without tears, rum and a load of zombie parts.

Speaking of zombie parts.  I believe even the evil scientists are taking time off to watch the Olympics.  I've had only one reanimated corpse around these parts, and it looked more like a product of natural zombism rather than scientifically enhanced. 

Now, will I finish the Clap before the closing ceremonies?  I'm hoping for nothing but gold!


Linda said...

Goin for GOLD!

WonderWhyGal said...

If not the gold at least a lovely sterling silver charm to add to your bracelet.

Your Clap is awesome and I know you'll finish yours before I do mine...cuz you have the super zombie slaying powers.