Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fiber Arts Friday-What to do today...

I start each day much the same as you.  I have my coffee, fill out zombie reports, and get the Pigs around for school.

Then I wonder, what should I do with my day?

Should I worry about the Pigs?
No, it's cool.  I'm pretty sure that at least one of the Pigs may be the next Doctor Who.

Maybe I should go work on the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm.  That's always fun.
WAIT!  No!!  It's Ravelympics.  For some damn fool reason I decided to make a Clapotis during the Olympic time period!  It may be because I am a damn fool.

Oooh, pretty.

Work on ridding myself of the Clap and fullfilling my Ravelympic dream of a gold medal or save the world from a zombie invasion?
The sword that has caused many a zombies' demise
Too bad it's up too high for me to reach

Let's knit.

This was part of Fiber Arts Friday.  To see other fun, cool, and informative posts about Fibery things...go to the Wonder Why Gal, she'll hook you up!


WonderWhyGal said...

looking good! I love the Briar Rose Clap!

Anonymous said...

OK, that was a great post. I've got tears and a sore tummy..laughter really is the best medicine!! Love your project too.

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

Your clap is looking good - I'll probably never even manage to finish the socks I set out to do (and they were already a WIP)

Allison said...

I chickened out of doing a project for Ravelry Olympics. Your Clapotis looks worthy of a gold already!

Holly Bee said...

Thank you all for the nice comments. I really enjoy taking part in Fiber Arts Friday!

simply patti said...

I have watched less than 4 hrs total of the Olympics. Much less knitting. I love winter games; summer ones? not so much. I am knitting (surprise!) a washcloth. Why? Because my life is challenging enough.