Sunday, February 14, 2010

Forgot your Sweetie? Here's an idea!

Today, TODAY, Pig 1 and I will be serving up pancakes at the
Cub Scout Pack 251

I like to think of this event as
"Put those boys to work and so they can build character!" or
"Hey, cheap Valentine's Day Breakfast! It will look like I thought ahead!" or What it really is
"A super easy way to support your local community Cub Scouts-and get a good meal-for cheap."
Actually, that last one may be on the flyers.
Also, this is your chance to bid on an actual Zombie Prom Date Knitters hand knit, hand spun item.

An example of the priceless beret. Zombie Prom Date Knitters Cleaning up zombie carnage.
Also there are many great items from area businesses. Including our very own Wonder Why Alpaca gal! No, not a real alpaca. Although I hear you can buy one from her. But a sweet alpaca teddy bear. A great gift for any Valentine!
There are also 2 condos, dinner, blankets and loads of other wonderful things.
So, get your butt out of bed and support your local scene!

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