Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Clap! For the Olympics

I'm so excited about it. Ok, totally excited about the real Olympics too, but joining in Ravelympics makes me feel like I'm part of the action. Without the being cold, and head injuries.

Being part of a team means Team Shirts. Personalized Team Shirts. Unless you play for the Yankees.

Same photo as yesterday, still funny

My favorite chair to knit in. Many a disaster has started here. Many disasters are now living behind the chair. I think I need a bigger chair.

Ok, so you don't know about Ravelympics, and well, it's a lot to explain. So here's the short version-It's a bit like FANTASY FOOTBALL, with the OLYMPICS, except you are THE ATHLETE by way of KNITTING.

I'm sending you to another blog for definative answers...Ravelynpics 2010 WonderWhyGal to the blogging rescue!

What am I planning to make during the Olympic time period while partcipating in Ravelympics for Team Zombie Slayer?

Remember how long it took me to make the Clapotis? Yeah. Like forever. Well, I'm planning to make one for Ravelympics.

When that's done and I'm all bored I'll pick up my WIPs and sew on buttons, and weave in ends. Yeah! It can be done! Because I'm on a team and I have a t shirt. Damn it.

Here are the stats:
Knitted for Charity
I'm trying to up the "oooh-ahhh" factor of my Kidney Kozies with the Briar Rose Fibers. Plus I'm so tired of squeeky yarn.
Want in on the fun? Join Ravelry, or already a member, just join a team!
Joining is easy, Quiting is easy, Following through is a bitch.
Also remember:
Deny everything.


WonderWhyGal said...

I LOVE that you are making another Kidney Kozie and inspiring so many others to make one too.

I really LOVE that you want to use the BEAUTIFUL Briar Rose Yarn instead of some cheap yarn for your Kozie.

You really are Knit With Snot WITH LOVE! emphasizing the LOVE!

and what did I learn from your blog today... DENY EVERYTHING.

Yes, because no one reads my blog so there's no way they will see my screw up. (oh, that's my snarky for the day)

Kim said...

You can totally finish a clap, I KNOW you can do it!

How can you go wrong with Briar Rose?

Holly Bee said...

Thank you all for the wonderful support!

I am really excited about this!