Saturday, January 02, 2010

A Zombie Slaying New Year!!

I was very convinced that it was pouring rain, or Paul Bunyan was frying bacon in a huge frying pan in my back yard.

Which would lead one to wonder, where the hell is Paul finding those giant pigs? Plus wouldn't giant pig wrangling replace the auto industry, save the State of Michigan and end world hunger?

Then I got to worrying, if it is raining, that means the zombies are thawing out. I mean sure, it's been nice to have a break form the constant stress of zombie slaying. But the bad economy must be effecting the Mad Scientists too, because there has just been a down swing in evil lately. I mean really. I'm getting bored around here.

All these thoughts, plans and adventures! So early in the morning! I was going to grab some giant pig bacon from Paul, grab Babe the Big Blue Ox and try out the new cricket bat the Ogre got me for the Holidays. It was going to be a great start to the New Year! Yeah!!

Turns out, the humidifier was just running low on thaw, no bacon, no zombies. At least until the real thaw.

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