Friday, January 08, 2010

Watermelon in Winter

You know you've seen the movie Dirty Dancing, and we all know the quote "No one puts Baby in a corner."

Well, the most used line from that movie at our house is "I carried a watermelon."

Yeah, you know the scene. Baby goes to party with Doofy kid and carries a watermelon up in my mind an incredibly large flight of stairs. When asked why she's there she says "I carried a watermelon."

So the day to day practical applications may seem ridiculously slim, but soon, you too may be carrying a watermelon all over the place.

Let us recall that two very short days ago I started a very simple Ball Band Dishcloth from those Perky Mason Dixon knitters. It turned into a work of art. If asked by the Ogre while ripping out said art installation rather than calling up the Art Institute in Chicago and say "my art is ready" I simply say "I carried a watermelon."

That way he knows I did something stupid, without all the boring knitting details.

Sadly, I have to admit, last night, while watching teley and knitting the same damn dishcloth, I carried a watermelon.


Linda said...

LOL! I have GOT to start using this!

Holly Bee said...

If they don't get it...send them here for the explanation. Or have a bag full of Dirty Dancing DVDs ready to chuck at people!