Sunday, January 17, 2010

Team Zombie Slayers...We got shirts

You've heard about Team Zombie Slayers for the Ravelymics. Which gets under way Feb 12-28, 2010. So you have plenty of time to join us, and join in the fun.

Now speaking of fun, thanks to our highly talented, computer knowledgey and computer worky friend Crystal (sometimes called Chrysler, or Fiberattic) we even have T shirts for this event.

Yes, we are that kind of enthusiastic.

Where does one get this awesome t shirt? Why zazzle of course!


Linda said...

I ordered mine! Awesome design FiberAttic!

Kim said...

yes you are. Love the shirt.

Holly Bee said...

Uggh! Shirt has been deemed copyright infringement.

New shirt to be posted soon.