Monday, January 11, 2010

Team Zombie Slayers? YES!!!!!

Hester in Atlanta asks

"Are you all going to have a Zombie Prom Night Knitters team for the Ravelry Winter Olympics? I was wondering. I am planning on joining the Ravelry Winter Olympics, (I have a project in mind for a friend) but since I love your posts I was wondering if you all had an official team."

I'm totally not making that up. It was the comment I deleted from a recent post. Because if I had made it up I would have added stuff like "You are my knitting inspiration" "I'm sure you really don't knit that shitty. A person can't possibly knit that bad, right?" "Your haircut is fashionable, you really do look like Halle Berry." "You look tall for 5'4."

Anyway, for anyone else wondering, the Zombie Prom Date Knitters DO have an Official Ravelry Winter Olympics Team. I give you...



Rule Number One: Challenge yourself.
If you select a project, or projects, that will be a challenge to you, you are participating in the spirit of the Olympics.

The Dates
Feb 12-28, 2010

Magic Tagging
Tags are crucial. Casey will soon turn on a tagging tool that pops up, letting you choose your tags from a list. Each project should have three tags:

  1. ravelympics2010: This is the one that gets you into the Stadium as an official participant.
  2. ZPDK2010, which identifies you as part of Team Zombie Slayers, and
  3. Your project’s event tag. Your project CAN be entered in more than one event. For example, Endpaper Mitts can compete in the gloves/mittens/fingerless mitts event and in the colorwork event.

A big THANK YOU to Karel-KWAK on Ravelry for setting this up and being Team Captain for us.

If you are interested in joining us, join Ravelry! Then join the Zombie Prom Date Knitters forum and make sure to magic tag your Olympic Projects. We've had prizes in the past, but you know we are rarely very organized with this sort of thing, so don't hold your breath.


Hester from Atlanta said...

Hi - thanks for your post - off to Ravelry and the Team Zombie Slayers!!!!! Hester

Holly Bee said...

Glad to hear it Hester! You gave us the idea!!!

Join in, and we'll see you there!