Thursday, January 14, 2010

Suri Contest...I wanna WIN

The Wonder Why Gal is having a contest!

I want to win! Did you know I'm secretly competitive? Yeah, I may not tell you we're competing, but really, I'm working against you.

Sarah, best friend since 1st grade, she didn't even know. She thought we were just walking the trails all summer for exercise-no! I wanted to beat my time in a 5k walk-and those damn Portage Moms! Go my School District!! Represent!

You know that whole practicing spinning in secret, I couldn't stand being so crappy. I had to be better, better than you.

Oh, there's more. It's sick and wrong, but there's more. The Print O' the Wave Shawl, that turned out to be the Morning Glory all thought I frogged it-KNIT IN SECRET!! I may even be knitting an actual Print O' the secret.

No, this isn't a new problem, I've been like this for as long as I can remember. Faith No More's A Small Victory was my theme song.
"I might beat you, but I'll just keep my mouth shut"

So, a contest. You know I want to win. Sadly, I have to tell you about this one for more chances to win!

It's to win Suri Alpaca! Ok, don't worry, not a whole Suri Alpaca. As cool as that would be, I really don't have the space for one, but you do win either Yarn or Roving. AWESOME!! It is too, it's super dreamy, and, and...

Here are the Rules...(I hate letting you get chances to win)-The FOLLOWING IS ALL FROM THE WONDER WHY ALPACA FARM SITE. GO THERE TO ENTER TO WIN.

The rules are simple.

1. Visit my Etsy Store, WONDERWHYGAL, and look at my roving and yarn. Leave a comment here letting me know what you think, what's your favorite color, what color blends you would like to see in the future.

2. Leave a comment about Suri. Something interesting. If you need help, here are just a few of my older posts where I blogged about my Suri.

A Suri Sonnett

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Rapunzel, Rapunzel

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3. Spread the Word about the WONDER of Suri and the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm! Twitter about this contest, post on your Facebook or blog about the WONDER of Suri and this contest and let me know. You are only allowed one tweet, post and blog per day but if you want to keep spreading the WONDER, go ahead.

Now, I'm off to win some Suri!!!

1 comment:

Carla Gordon said...

We had a chance to come and see the Alpacas and could not belive as you say the Wonder of them we had never see one in person and have to say we like the Suris the best Not that we don't think that they are all so cool. we learned so much about them and can't wait to come out when they get shirred.
I took the folder that I got from you and showed to my Aunt and also the yarn and I almost lost them both, somehow I managed to save the yarn but she took the folder with her to Florida so she had your website, so not I need to get another folder from you.
Please let us know when it's time for the shirring.
And I love the yarn we got from you and want more. So you can add my name to the contest. and when you get more of the yarn we got done please let me know