Monday, January 04, 2010

Something Snotty This Way Comes

Hold onto your knitting ladies, and place your bets...

I stopped chewing on the neck of the cow and jumped back on the wagon. Did I mention I cut the soda too? YESTERDAY.

It was a hard day full of tears, cleaning, and thrown objects. To help from eating every meat laden object in the house, including the dogs, ah Copper, my little pork chop,

the ipod was spinning some angry tunes. At one point Pig 3 was requested to leave the room. Ogre interference. Sadly, it was the Pig's favorite. But he did need to check himself.

So, if in the future, you see me knitting like a fiend in the corner, don't offer me food, or beverage, and watch your fingers.

1 comment:

Carina said...

I always save that for Lent. You're hardcore! Wait, you're always hardcore. Whooo-hoo! *does silly imitation of headbanging and rock finger thingy*