Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Panda Silk "dk" Fan Shawl

Why no photos of the Panada Silk dk fan Shawl being made with crazy zauberball sock yarn?

I'm going to say it's because of technical difficulties. With that bit of a thaw out last week it was zombie central around here. Due to all the slaying activity I had to keep washing my winter jacket. I know, I could just put the jacket back on dirty, but zombie parts are sticky, and I can't wear a sticky jacket. Due to all the washing I managed to also wash my phone. That has nothing to do with a lack of photos, just a side note.

The other reason for the lack of photos is all in the name of the pattern. DK. I am using sock yarn. Sock yarn is skinnier than dk. My shawl is turning out a bit on the tiny side. It's still beautiful, and I'm too far gone to turn back now, but alas...tiny.

Apparently besides giving single mittens and socks to people missing parts, I need to find a tiny person. I could get my own tv show! Shitty Knitting, Looks like Charity! Small Knits, Big Knitter.

Again, technical difficulties or it's hard to keep the world safe from zombies and be a half way decent knitter.

1 comment:

Linda said...

You make me laugh!! Here I am pissing and moaning about my inability to make a nupp, and you're dealing with a "gauge" problem. I'm sure some elementary drama queen will take it off your hands,....maybe one of the Pig's girlfriends?????