Thursday, January 07, 2010

Knit with's an Art

Last night I made it to Fabrications for their Sit and Knit.

I of course don't actually sit and knit. I sit and talk. Sometimes I walk and talk. I believe I knit all of 16 rows. I also believe I distracted other people from knitting. But it was fun. If it wasn't fun for you, I apologize. No, I don't apologize.

I started a new project. Yeah, it was gorgeous. When I got home, I ripped it out. It was actually turning into more of an art piece than what it was supposed to be. Sadly, there are no photos, but the Museum of Modern Art would have been all over this one. Since it has been reworked, it will merely wash dishes. Yes, I fouled up a stinking Ball Band Dishcloth that bad.

Yes, I knit with snot, gusto, joy, love, but not with much attention.

I'm the phone number on the bathroom stall of knitting!


Anonymous said...

Holly, you are the Light at the end of the Fiber Tunnel!


Holly Bee said...

Ah, thanks Dad! Does that mean I'm the Angel of Death to Knitters too?

Linda said...

Your crappy knitting encourages me:)