Wednesday, December 02, 2009

You're telling me it's not Labor Day?

 Hark! The Morning Glory Shawl! Which started off as the Print O' the Wave, but I couldn't get the hang of it. Started on St. Patty's Day 2009, supposed to be finished by Labor Day, mocked continually, and thought to be frogged long, long ago.

"Also known as It's not you, it's Me" and modeled on the infamous pee chair

Here's a close up just for Spinsanity.   Go ahead, check out the artistic liberties I took with the pattern.  Patterns, like rules, are merely guidelines and are meant to be bent, adjusted and broken, especially if mixed with snot, and liberal amounts of zombie slaying. 

 Yes, if one plans to be a Zombie Prom Date Knitter and do lace work, one should probably take ugly scarves to public knitting events.  Or dishcloths.  I highly recommend the knitting of cotton dish cloths to new zombie prom date knitters for the following reasons:

1.  easy to know pattern
2.  nothing to forget while laughing/drinking/high horse/ soap box speech making
3.  if you need to leave to slay zombie, you can come right back and not miss a beat or stitch
4.  doubles as a beer cozy
5.  napkin too
6.  if it's a gift, the time and money invested is minimal, the recipient is going to treat it like crap, and you had fun making it, and you can laugh remembering all the zombie parts you cleaned up with it before you gave it to them.

Next pattern to torture was the Pale Skies too Boring to continue Cowl.

I've moved on to the Clapotis.  Also known as The Clap.  Yes, yes, keep laughing.  I think it's funny too.  Would you like The Clap too?  It's free, and easy to get! Knitty Fall 2004


Linda said...

The Print O Wave/Morning Glory shawl is beautiful! Nicely done. And it is DONE! Yea! FO!

The Clap 'it's free, and easy to get!' BWAHAHAHAHA SNORT!

Holly Bee said...

Heeh, The Clap! It's not just a VD anymore!

Kristy said...

It's beautiful! I found your blog via "Knitting Knoobie"! I taught myself how to knit and crochet online and so now I'm searching around for knitting blogs to follow! :) Just thought I'd introduce myself and say hello! blog isn't 100% knitting/crocheting, but you're more then welcome to pop by!

tracyb said...

I love it, it makes me want to go dig up my pattern and the yarn, but then I think about how I don't really have enough yarn for the whole thing and it would involve me doing some kind of math to figure out how to knit it with the amount of yarn I have and . . . . The Clap sounds awesome!

Holly Bee said...

Haha! We're all going to have the CLAP! It's going to be a Round of Applause party!!