Friday, December 18, 2009

Laundry, vacation style

5 people, an airplane and 1 checked piece of luggage leads you to this in three days...

How the hell am I going to carry all that crap down to the laundry room? Oh, no, I do not want help from those Pigs. I want time alone.

I loaded it up in my suitcase of course. Check the cute crochet flower I made. Hand spun yarn. Yes, my luggage is camouflage green with orange trim. Did you expect anything less?

So, my tips for travel:
1. Travel light
2. Obnoxious colored luggage
3. loud luggage marker (home spun yarn with crochet flowers optional)
4. Bring your own laundry detergent-Purex 3-1 sheets 20 loads $5. I don't want to do 20 loads, but I have that option. Plus, the Pigs have been know to barf a place or two, so I like to be prepared. Plus, sometimes I get barfed on by other people's kids.
5. Suck it up and throw the dirty ass laundry into your luggage and roll it down to the laundry room.

I pretended that I was on the phone with someone the whole way, and walked like I was Ginger from Gilligan's Island. Just to make laundry on vacation fun.

Then I went and had a lovely dinner with my family.

Ok, maybe it was a rowdy dinner with my family! Either way, it was fun! After, I went back to the peace and quiet of the laundry room and worked on knitting the Clap, oh, and the laundry.

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tracyb said...

Don't take the laundry out of the suitcases, just slide the suitcases down the stairs! That's how we do it up north!