Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holidays with Flat Stan-Gryffon!

Flat Stanley is in the house! Yo!
Oh, for the love of all things AWESOME, you don't know about Flat Stanley?

Book encourages kids to read, write, cultural exchange. I may be putting more into it than what really happens, but I really get excited about stuff.
Go to wiki, for the full write up.

Pig 1's Flat Stanley is really a Flat Gryffon, his cousin. Boy, has Gryff been on some adventures, so many that we had to put him in a plastic bag. Ok, we are calling that his "snow suit."

Flat Gryffon was supposed to go to Pig1's Grandma's house while I went to the Koffee Klutch, but he accidently hitched a ride in my purse. It was very Mike Teavee.

I introduced him to the Zombie Prom Date Knitters...

Kentucky Irish said she already had a bonus boyfriend, but bought him a hot cocoa. Shannon showed him how to knit...

Then it got rowdy, so I had to put him back in my purse.

With that, Happy Holidays all, whatever you celebrate and if you have already celebrated, and if you don't celebrate, I am thinking of you and I will miss you until I see you again!

Lot's of love!!!

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Linda said...

Merry Christmas!