Monday, December 28, 2009

Clap that Imagination

The Clap-otis is still being knitted. Will I never rid myself of the Clap?

Flat Stanley Gryffon is still being dragged all over, and the Pigs think I'm the meanest most boring Mom ever. Ok, dorks, I'm trading you in for a Flat version, because Flat Gryffon thinks I am the round best.

It's totally not my fault that the Pet Semetary has a huge fence around it and there's a lull in the zombie slaying because of the latest batch of cold weather. Yeah, go use your imaginations.


Anonymous said...

i think you are the best also but i know how you feel because we on this side of the state are also accused of being boring. love you. toady

Linda said...

Boring? BORING??!!?? There is no boring in Holly!
And din't you just take those little ingrates to Disney?? Make them go shovel snow or worse...clean their room! BWAHAHAHHAHAHA!

Knifty Thrifty said...

I love the title of your blog! It made me wish I had thought of a better title for mine!

Holly Bee said...

Knifty Knitter-thank you for the Snot love!

Linda! I know, fresh home from Disney, Christmas like 2 days ago, roller skating, indoor bouncey place?? I am like the Fairy Princess of Non Boring!

round gryffon said...

round gryffon thinks that you are the most fun!! you took him bike riding in the cool is that?