Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Clap. It's Catchy

Ok, so I'm working away on ridding myself of the Clap.

My Clap. Alpaca. It's blue and purple in person.
The Clap, not the Alpaca.

No, that joke never gets old. Especially
when I've tricked, Tom Sawyered, etc, etc, so many of my friends into getting the Clap with me.

It's actually all Spinsanity's fault. Her Clap was so pretty, I wanted a case of my very own, and then it kind of went epidemic from there.

WonderWhyGal's Version. Look! Dropped Stitches on purpose! Part of the Clap's charm!

This area is reserved for other ZOMBIE PROM DATE KNITTERS' CLAP

Oh, is that Flat Stanley again?

We really do take him everywhere! Ok, here's the deal. When I was in elementary school, at the end of every year we attached our name and school's address to a balloon and set the balloons free.

Very pretty, not very environmental. It was all in the hopes that our balloons would fly far away and get found and then returned to the school and we'd hear some great story about where they landed.

MINE HASN'T RETURNED. Yet. I'm still freaking waiting.

So, I like this whole Flat Stanley thing much better, and I'm trying to help Pig 1 and Gryffon have fun with it and not be disappointed or wait 27 years for a balloon, er Flat Stanley.

I really wanted you to see the cute scarfy thing that Kristen was working on, and then finished. Here's the link to the free pattern. Fourteen Beware, modeled on a cute shirtless guy.

Say I'm boring. These Pigs are surrounded by fun. They'd probably spontaneously combust if they actually were in a boring situation.

There, done.


tracyb said...

I'd be joining in on the Clap, except I can't find any stitch markers! Yours looks lovely - and I love Kristin's fourteen!

Linda said...

I think the Zombies ripped off that guys arms!