Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yes, now I will go run

Today Dr Indiana Jones craps on the floor and it's full of worms. I sort of saw this coming, I am a microbiologist after all. Monkey poo, dog poo, worms are worms.

Like a good dog owner I call the vet office and say "if my puppy has anal leakage, do you think it's due to the worms or the switch in dog food?"

Our awesome receptionist knows it's me and says "Holly, bring your dog in, let's deworm that poor baby." Did I mention that I'd take the Pigs there for their physicals too if it was at all legal?

So, Indy, dewormed.

At home, I realized, HOLY WORMY DOG CRAP! I left the groceries out on the counter for Copper to eat. That dog could be in the ESPN Lumber Jack Games of Jumping and Eating Crap off the Counter. (I was very tempted to make a wiki entry for that, with photos and everything, but really, I should be at the gym)

Instead of going the bathroom, which I had to do really, really bad, I let the dogs out, put the groceries away, and, while putting the Pork Loin (the actual pork, not Copper, because we call him Pork Loin on occasion, you know, like when the Zombie Invasion really happens, watch out Copper, we're gonna eat you! Come here my sweet little Pork Loin! I farted, and got a little extra. Yeah, as I learned earlier this year, NEVER TRUST A FART.

There you go. I hope you enjoyed that little pick me up.

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WonderWhyGal said...

Thank you. It did. Never under estimate the power of a fart.