Monday, November 30, 2009

Just Mailing it in...

Instead of finishing the Print o' the Wave-wait I'll make the Morning
Glory Shawl instead, I'm training the dogs to slay zombies today.
Yes. This foul task was going to be put off until spring, but it's
been an unusually warm fall. The ground hasn't frozen and we're damn
near being taken over by zombies, I need the back up.

Honestly, the couch to 5k thing wasn't just for fitness, it's really
for survival. I don't know how Southerners put up with it. Heat and
zombies. They both put a cramp in my style. Besides, when do you have
time to knit, with all that zombie slaying and being fit?

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Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

iPod post! WOOT!

Linda said...

I can't speak for true Southerners but us transplanted Yankees just blast the Zombies heads off with our trusty lever action rifles:) I'm a crack shot!

Holly Bee said...

Yes! Posted from the ipod!! I was very proud!

I want to be a transplanted Yankee too Linda!!