Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's dead already!

I showed you all my favorite cup. Now here's my favorite dish rag.

Yes, I knit and I could make a new one. Many, many new ones. Remember my giant cone of cotton last year? I made gifts! Probably unappreciated gifts!

So here I am, with my favorite dish rag. Heading toward the garbage.

In it goes.

What am I thinking??? I see a dirty spot on that cupboard door...I don't want to use a nice wash rag on that filth, I'll use this old grungy one!!

That's why this damn thing is still hanging around.

I'm having the same problem with the Evil Camera. I want a new camera REAL bad, but the Evil Camera still works, sort of. If you hold it just right, adjust the buttons, and don't mind that the photos are a bit less than awesome, and well are full of evil.

Yeah, I'm taking Pig 2 out and we're buying a new less evil camera. Wait, what if it turns out the camera isn't evil, and it was me all along?

As for knitting, I still do that too.

Look, it's wavey. These aren't accidental, ok most of them are where they are supposed to be, the rest of them are artistically placed waves.


tracyb said...

that wavy thing looks really cool - what is it?

Holly Bee said...

It's the Pale skies cowl from fall 2009 knitscene. It's fun so far!