Sunday, November 29, 2009

Home Grange #129 has a Blog

Home Grange #129 has it's own blog now. Really, go check it out.

Home Grange #129

It's really not totally cool, yet. But it tells about the awesome Swiss Steak Supper that will be hosted there this Friday. Yes, Swiss Steak and real mashed potatoes.

Plus in the upper hall you can go see my loverly hand made with snot scarves.
They may smell like coffee. Koffee Klutch coffee to be exact. But they will make a lovely gift at a low price for someone you love. They may also get them started on coffee, if they aren't already, so a gift idea for next year as an added bonus!

What have I been up to?

Nothing-but trouble.

Dogs, small? Erika, where do you live. Sarah is a fashion model. That is not real fur.

Katie, Elizabeth "the favorite college student" Marty, Ralph "Ray" Fienes aka Andrea's Boyfriend

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