Friday, November 20, 2009

Holiday Knitting-Up in Smoke

Knitting for other people is always hit or miss.

Over the last few days I've picked up a few pointers on how to avoid the misses.

1. Send them photos of what you are willing to make, and let them pick.
Thanks Laura! That's a good idea.
2. Consider person's jacket, taste or style and ignore your own. Knit from there.
Wow, Andrea, you are knitting a scarf to match your nieces Varsity Jacket? Brilliant!
Shelly knit a yellow duck sweater. It pained her to do it. He loved it.

3. Make them something practical, say, dishcloths, that don't really matter anyway.

Ok, I did do that last year.

4. Give yourself enough time to finish item, decide which Holiday, in which Year you are knitting for.

I made that one up as a reminder for me. I have a problem with that whole time thing being linear for most people, I don't really see it that way. Neither does Einstein.

I'm putting these down here, because I of course can't follow rules or suggestions, and did this.

Que the dream sequence, white smoke, white fluffy dresses, long flowing hair,...

I want to make a pretty, skinny, cable-y scarf for PK, with this yarn...

Rowan, tapestry in Potpourri

I will make the Pale Skies Cowl, it will take 2 minutes to knit, it will be done in time for the 2009! Before we go to Disney, no, no, before American Thanksgiving (because you know my heart belongs to Canada.)

End dream sequence.

Yeah, as it turns out PK, has a bright red jacket, a green jacket and now this jacket... that's PURPLE. Since we live in Michigan she likes her scarves the way she likes her jackets, thick, and warm.

But it's cool, it gets me out of finishing the Pale Skies Cowl, and that scarf had buttons. You've seen my sweaters, you know how I feel about buttons, I'm damn near Amish.

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Linda said...

1. Laura is freaking BRILLIANT!
2. Taste is in the eye of the wearer; Got it. Thanks Andrea.
3. Practical dishcloths. Perfect! I'm gonna make them for ELPH. It won't matter what they look like or what color cuz he'll just use them to wash the CAR! Thanks Holly!
4. Learn to knit before Christmas 2012. Got it.

I'm posting these on the fridge.