Friday, November 06, 2009

29 again, still, ALWAYS!!

So what does a girl do for her 6th 29th birthday? Well, when you make up your own rules like I do, people pretty much expect you to do what you want.

I started the day husking brains from their shells.

You know those hungry zombies, and that clever Pig 1. He's trying to domesticate them as a 4th grade class project.

I started my day off with a lovely breakfast with

Pig 3 will have a real mustache and I'll still be 29

Pig 3, Sir-Frogs-A-Lot, White Rabbit, and Other Marty.

Then it was off to the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm to help with a school field trip.

Did I mention it was pouring rain and freezing? I didn't notice! I was having fun!

Then friends showed up too! After the field trip kids left, we ended up staying in the pool house barn and playing with fiber and...celebrating!

Someone thought they were funny and got me a spatula.

That's cool, because it was attached to a very potent rum and coke cake! Someone said "oooh, I like the after taste." They were not of legal age. I feel for that mother's future.

Read Spinny's adventures making it! Now, Spinny has a birthday coming up, and I have a gift in store for her. Don't worry Shannon, I got it at State Grange...

Then it was home to the family for a nice quiet dinner, more spinning and talks of a new evil camera...

One camera, so much evil...

Me loving bag sewing! My SECOND failed venture into mitten knitting. Does anyone know someone who needs one mitten? Or who has one large hand?


Allison of Dominant Hands said...

Lookin' good for 29!

Susie said...

Happy 6th 29th Birthday, Holly!