Monday, October 12, 2009

You thought you'd never wear it again...

I know you're all curious to find out what happened at the:

First Annual Zombie Prom Date Knitters

Zombie Slayers Ball

yeah, you should have shown up. But I'll take pity on you and give you the highlights.


Full City Cafe, said "hey, you show up with 6 zombie slayers, we will give you a free Sundae."

Well, that's like inviting a Vampire into your home. I bike for cake and I"ll put on a prom dress for ice cream.
Turns out, we're not called the Zombie Prom Date Knitters just for fun! We take that Prom part seriously.

They wouldn't let us bring our weapon of choice, the mighty shovel, into the movie theater, but we had our next best thing... our zombie stompers!

Spinsanity Spun at the Movie When not Laughing!

After Zombieland-Check those smiles, and handknits!

So how was Zombieland? Best movie EVER!!! Just, just, go see it. I don't want to ruin it for you. I'll just say it's a touching coming of age story set in a post apocalyptic world filled with trying situations, tough decisions and hard times. Heeheehee. No, really, you could describe it that way or like this "If the little girls in your neighborhood are f@*ked up little monsters it's time to stop driving carpool."

We tried to go to Olde Pennisula after the movie. But they said "You will have to wait 1 hour to have the all delicious fall time treat of Pumpkin Ale for a Zombie Prom Date Knitters Party that Large and Awesome." So we went to Monaco Bay.

Our Waitress Sarah was super awesome.

Turns out, she knits, and she has been accepted in as one of our own!

Did we stop knitting at the bar? That would be a no.

Astonishingly enough, we were the normal group at the bar. There was a birthday group that was causing a ruckus. Yes, a Where the Wild Things are level ruckus!

Drunk dry humping to Happy Birthday on stage by Fake Boob Girl and Creepy Taking Advantage Guy was deemed PG by dueling piano bar hosts. But when Andrea and I said "hey, it's our Birthday too we want on stage!" We were told no one was allowed on stage until 9 pm unless it was PG.

Uh, hello, fake boobs and dry humping between a hetero sexual couple is PG but two girls dancing in Prom dresses is too Wendy and Lisa for you?? So we had our own dance party at our table.

My haircut is butch, that doesn't mean I am.

Heck! I followed Death around the block to see where he was going. Turns out, it was a dark alley. Then I helped Kentucky Irish pick up a guy.

"Have you met my friend Dawn?"

Someone wasn't someone's type.

Then we all went home to our normal lives being farmers, charity workers, artists, neighbors, moms, daughters, wives, friends, nurses, teachers, accountants, corporate lawyers, and other normal things. Yeah, crazy fun makes the world go round. Did you ever wonder why the world spins to that one side? Character.


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What a glorious celebration of ZPDK Awesome, you guys rock!


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