Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yeah, I've sort of got my wires crossed

Fingerless gloves and long scarves are all the rage. Go knit.


Oh, buy some hand sanitizer.

Plus some coffee, and cheese.

I don't think this is a blog post, it's actually my to do list.


Mrs. Booms said...

I'm all about the fingerless gloves these days. Now? I'm working on matching neck warmers with fun ribbon ties.

Love that I just found knitting.

Anonymous said...

You used up that 55 gallon drum of sanitizer already!!?

Holly Bee said...

Mrs. Booms!! Glad you found Knitting!! Matching neck warmers! You deserve the love of Kenny Loggins!

Anonymous-the 55 gallon drum was RUM, not sanitizer, and yes, we are out of that too.