Monday, October 19, 2009

We Rocked the MI Grange Convention

Michigan State Grange 136th Annual Convention. The first question I get wasn't did you have fun, it was "Did they get some decent judges for the Contests this year?" It was a fair question considering how much I complained last year about a certain item of pink, fuzzy, questionable workmanship that will remain untalked about.

So let's start again and reword the question. Did they get judges that know about knitting, crochet, cross stitch, and fiber arts in general?

They got a lady who walks around in hand dyed, hand spun, hand knit socks, spinning straw into gold on her hand made spindle and then another lady who taught me how to crochet while I was still in the womb and who now works at a framing and cross stitch shop. I'm going to say yes, they got judges knowledgeable in the realm of needle arts.

But I'm sure there were complaints, even about them, because everyone thinks their work is best. Well, I certainly didn't.

Surprisingly, I can weave in ends! Plus-Wonder Why Gal takes 3rd-she's only been knitting since March! Must be that magical Alpaca!

The sweater that beat my sweater was AWESOME!! It was a first prize sweater. It certainly was no fun fur scarf.

Check out Sister Bear's hand Spun! Blue Ribbon! Jr Grangers also got a slew of Blue Ribbons!!

Yeah, one of the Judges actually told me I better get my butt moving and start working on something really special for next year because there are so many talented people in the Grange.

Thank you again to this year's judges!!!

I think I may have been called a slacker.

Hey, I may be a slacker in some areas but I'd say that at least one person was proud of me.

No not that one. Or that one. This one.

Grandpa Winter! He was proud! I was deemed a pleasant young lady by one of the delegates and
many complimented my level of enthusiasm.

I worked hard during committee meetings, and during session too.

see what I accomplished during session

Oh, come on. This is the one place where NOT knitting or crocheting during speeches and business is actually looked down upon. We've got cold hands to cover! Charity work, fairs, bazaars and next year's contests to knit for! Honestly, there were at least 5-10 people working on something at all times. That was just what I could see.

I was also pointed out as "the one who uses that good yarn." Now that's pretty cool.

Plus I was Flora!

Fancy Dress underneath
Both Donna Summer and Demeter would have been proud

Home Grange was no slouch either! We took 1st place, for large Granges, which means...

We'll be seeing you at National Grange in November!!!

Now, doesn't that look like fun? Don't you want to join Grange? It's a family fraternal order based in it's got knitting contests and supports fancy dress!!!


WonderWhyGal said...

I would like to say my favorite part of the blog is the shout out to Sister Bear and my scarf but honestly...It's your closing pic. I love that picture of you and Ogre!

Carina said...

Yay for good judges!!! It sounds like they did it up right, knew what they were doing, and should judge again next year. :)

National Grange, huh? That sounds wicked awesome (or seriously bitchin', in the words of this week's students).