Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Update your Ogre Knowledge...

Ogres do not like warm climates. That's why you find so many zombies in the South, plus there is the whole voodoo thing.

This also works well for the zombie slayer knitter and Ogre match up. Cold weather, knitting and Ogres all just seem to make good sense. I have no idea why so many Ogres are drawn to short women.

Snotty and Ogre Dr B & Jackie The Ogre and the Amazing Kat!

I'm going to say it's the short women looking ahead to the future and wanting to utilize storage on tall shelves.

What am I knitting? Mittens. Mittens for Soldiers, mittens for the Home Grange Bazzaar.

WHAT!!! You're telling me it's been 2 days since something awesome has happened at the Grange Hall. Well, you're right. It has been 2 days. You missed the Halloween Party. Which means you also missed a chance to have some of my now famous Sloppy Joes. But your loss.

Next chance to dine at Home Grange will be for the Annual

Swiss Steak Dinner and Craft Bazaar-
it's one of those food in the lower hall, crafts in the upper
December 5th!!

Food-swiss steak, real mashed potatoes, veg, rolls, dessert, all the fixings, for a reasonable price!

Craft Bazaar-mittens, scarves, baked goods, RICE KRISPY TREATS (although part of the trill is gone now that you know my assembly line process) Grange top secret pickles, aprons, antiques, crafts, ALL SORTS OF AWESOME STUFF and disgustingly LOW prices!!!

We've talked about renting tables to outside vendors...I'll let you know what the Grange has decided on this.

As a reminder, it's peak season for both zombieism and flu, so carry a shovel, increase your cardio, and wash your hands. (this is actually the amount of hand washing you should be doing, you filthy beast.)


WonderWhyGal said...

I was not aware that Ogres were drawn to short women. I guess that's why I found a Grumpy.

I am marking my calendar for the Grange Bazaar. As the newest Home Grange member, I guess I should contribute some of my Wonder!

What to bake? What to make?

Zena Suri Alpacas said...

OMG are there more zombies in the South? Does the South include Oklahoma? I don't have an ogre, merely a UC Berkeley grad, is that like a Grumpy? Will the alpacas and I be safe? Open to suggestions.

Holly Bee said...

Sorry about the late response. I do hope that you are still safe. In the realm of zombie fighting Oklahoma is considered part of the South, but more on that later.

If you haven't seen any zombies, you and the pacas are safe, for now.