Wednesday, October 14, 2009

They are ALPACA!

Oh! Look, Llamas!

No friends, these are not. They are alpaca. Do you wonder what the difference is? Well, you could go look it up on wiki, or ask an Alpaca owner! Like we did at the Vicksburg Fall Harvest Festival!

Wonder Why Gal, are those llama's?

Actually, no, these are Alpaca, camelid cousin of the llama. Whereas the llama is a pack animal, the graceful alpaca is bred for it's beautiful fiber!

Did someone say fiber? Is it bran or like fluff? The Zombie Prom Date Knitters Love FLUFF!

Plus, we apparently love cold weather, sitting under tents, and teaching other people to love the same things!

Hey, little girl, need a spindle? Try a Spinsanity Spindle!

You, in the boots, do you know how to work that thing? Another kid? Give that kid some fluff! Better yet, trick everyone into only spinning with goood suri alpaca fluff!!

Ok, ok, it wasn't just all about fiber! It was a day to Celebrate Vicksburg's Historic Village, the Awesome of Vicksburg, and just awesome, good times and well, you know.

Look! Moose and Canoe Coffee Shop! Right, normal people call it Boundary Waters, but if you are cool and in the know, it's Moose and Canoe. Sweet table, I think it was from the Antique Mall in Vburg.

Their was also food from Good to Go Cafe, and you know my Sloppy Joe meat suppliers Stubby's!! I also got some really nice soap from Curvy Girl Soaps-which proves I'm not a hippie. (for the record, don't google that-the soap maker not the hippie part.)

It wasn't all super awesome sunshine hippie hugs and I'd like to give the world a coke and teach blah blah songs and singing.

We had a bit of "I wonder why this trailer has a flat tire?" and "I wonder why this is not awesome right now?"

Anyway, super nice guy Randy, and then super nice guy at Heimstra helped us out and safely got Wonder Why Gal and little Emily back on the road.

What did I do? I was there for moral support, plus I flagged Randy done. I was also prepared to "borrow" a tire from another trailer. Hey, I've always said I'd lift a car off my friends, I'm ready to steal a tire for you too.


WonderWhyGal said...

You are so awesome! Your moral support was totally needed and I'm glad you stayed to help the Wonder Trailer Tire get fixed. You are definitely the Wonder Intern of the Year!

Holly Bee said...

I wouldn't leave you!

simply patti said...

one time, I wanted to buy a teeshirt I couldn't find in the store so I liiked on the internet. I googled 'Dickies' and oh my!

While you guys were all havin' fun in the 'burg; I was answering call lights and wishin' my husband would win the lotto...

simply patti said...

ha ha! I typed 'liiked' instead of 'looked'! I liked the internet!