Thursday, October 22, 2009

Social Blunder...

Yesterday we went to our local Grocery Store. There was only one other family there with school aged children. They were quiet, orderly and calm. The Pigs and I were wild, disorderly, and, well acting like we normally do.

While shouting over the theme music to the movie Halloween, I told the Pigs to bag all the the cold stuff together. A store employee asked if we were doing a home school outing.

This was my reply, still in my loud voice:

"These are not home school children out on assignment. These are the last three healthy kids in our school district. I'm sick of being locked up in the house with them. "
Then I realized I was still shouting.

We're heading out again today. We're trying to stay healthy.

I may be shouting if you see me. We're loud.


tracyb said...

I love that story! Hope the pigs are still well.

simply patti said...

lorl... laugh out real load!

Awesome pic of 'da pig!

Holly Bee said...

The Pigs are still well.

I think it's due to our preventative measures!

Kate said...

I should probably start arming my boys with disinfectants too -
We have a loud outing to Target planned for later today.