Thursday, October 08, 2009

Public Zombie Announcement

Kalamazoo Horror Fest

hosted by Game Warehouse!!!

120 East Milham
Portage, MI. 49002
* 10:00am - 5:00pm Autographs from THE EVIL DEAD LADIES. Catering by Lenny's Sub Shop. Hooter zombie girls in the parking lot.
* 5pm - 5:30pm Eat evil wings with us at Hooters.
* 6pm - 7pm Zombies in Bronson Park.
* 7pm- 8pm Zombie Crawl
* 8pm-8:30pm Q&A at Up and Under Bar.
* 9pm - 2 am Zombie party and evil dead screening at Wayside West.

I don't know, something about eat evil wings cracks me up.

Did you note the ZOMBIE CRAWL?

Meet at 6:00pm at Bronson Park for the biggest zombie walk ever. The ladies from THE EVIL DEAD will be attending where you can get pictures taken with them during the setup of the zombie crawl.

I wonder if Tom Sullivan will be there?
There the public service announcement is done, you may go back to planning your little bit of awesome!

Yes, I wrote all my bits in bold up there because I was a wee bit excited when I first started this. I've calmed down a bit. BUT REALLY!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? KALAMAZOO HORROR FEST HOSTED BY GAME WAREHOUSE FEATURING EVIL DEAD-the ultimate experience in grueling horror??? Where's Sam Raimi and a paper bag when you need them?


Holly Bee said...

HOLY BOOK OF THE DEAD!! Or unholy book of the dead!!!

Tom Sullivan will be there!!!

I think I peed again.

Anonymous said...

Hey we are doin git again this year!