Wednesday, October 07, 2009

People think I'm a responsible adult

Well, well, my darlings. Do you miss me? I miss you. I've been trapped in the house. No, not like under a pile of rubble or anything. Although if you were to look in my garage you'd think poorly of my house cleaning skills. No, I've been doing paper work.

This was Sunday...outside with the Fam having fun, but where have I been since then?

Which, I don't know what about me makes people think:

"Wow! Let's let Holly be in charge of really important papers that require organization, patience and an ability to not spill! Plus math. Let's throw in math!"

I had to run to Target to buy a calculator. Sure, I get that there is a calculator on this computer, my cell phone, etc, etc, but those are tiny, and there's my lack of organization, and patience and the whole spilling thing. I bought $10 in $1 calculators. You know, just to be safe.

Ok, ok, it's not just all work. Yesterday I was out all day with the Zombie Prom Date Knitters at the Koffee Klutch. Haahaahaa! I had you feeling all sorry for me.

Spinny with her combs of death and our new friend Gloria
We even had fresh meat! They seemed to like us though. Actually, they fit right in! We have off putting name, but really, we're fun and we do good deeds. Didn't your mother teach you not to judge a book by it's cover? Or at least your librarian?

Zombie Prom Date Knitter impending doom...or fun rather:

This Friday, October 9th 1pm Full City Cafe at Centre and Lovers Lane in Portage for ice cream and fun.

This same Friday at the Rave in downtown Kalamazoo at either 540 or 7pm (time is still being hotly debated) we will be attending

ZOMBIELAND in full Prom Date garb! Wear your Prom dress!!! ZPDK over the top is the way to go for most of us. Combat boots and shovel optional accessories!

Saturday, October 10 Vicksburg Historic Society's Fall Harvest Festival!
10 a.m. - 7 p.m. – Fall Harvest Festival. Antique market ~ Farmers market ~ Old-time craft exhibitors ~ Antique harvest equipment ~ Music ~ Food ~ Children’s games ~ Magician ~ Storyteller ~ Pumpkin carving contest ~ Scavenger hunt ~ Pie baking contest-ZOMBIE PROM DATE KNITTERS-Spinning Demos-Spinsanity Spindles-Alpacas-Wonder Why Alpaca Roving and Yarn-Cub Scout Pop Corn-plus a whole lot of AWESOME!!!

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