Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Open Invite to the Brave-Really the house is a mess

If you are on Ravelry, you may have already read this update.

But I'm also putting it here for those of you not in the know:

Ok, our school district has been SHUT DOWN, YO! Yarn over or Yo, as in a shout out, or holla, your choice.

Anyway, the Pigs and I are NOT SICK and we plan on staying that way!!

We are also not inviting any DAMN SICK PEOPLE into our safe house.

So, that being said, if you are not sick, *come over anytime after NOON Tuesday. I've got some serious piles of destruction that need attended to, that's why it has to be after the noon hour. You may also consider bringing a chair, we had an "incident" involving the big blue chair in the living room.

I have a completely messed up, not ready for guests house, a giant vat of vegan potato soup (sometimes that just happens) and a garage full of diet coke.

If you are sick, stay the hell home, you are not welcome here, there’s not enough han-er-tizer in the world to keep what you’ve got on you and off of me-even my bottle of all healing rum can't fight this.

If you are immune compromised, care for someone immune compromised, love bacon (there is none in the house, we do have roast beef though) or are germ phobic, I advise you to steer clear of South County Kalamazoo.

No, really. Head North Young Man, Head North.

*my house is like Isla de Muerta-it can't be found, unless you already know where it is.

There will be no Zombie Slayer Outings, No Kidney Foundation Meetings, No Meet Ups at the Koffee Klutch for me. I've got 3 Pigs in tow...so come over here...if you dare!

But, if you want some rocking, and I mean ROCKING zombie slaying action, go visit FatCatCrochet! She's holding down the post, Southern Style!


Linda said...

You are the most Awesome! I'm learning from the best here folks!

tracyb said...

Forget heading north, rumor has it someone in Savannah's grade has the dreaded h1n1!

Holly Bee said...

Is Canada safe???