Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is it harshly worded enough?

Here's my harshly worded letter:

I hate you. Yes, you.

You who hack and cough as if your germs don't fly into Spinsanity's face.

I hate you who cough into your hands and then touch all over surfaces. What surfaces? The same damn surfaces that other people are going to touch.

COUGH INTO YOUR DAMN SHOULDER, OR ELBOW PIT. I don't know what the hell the proper name is for elbow pit, but you know what I mean.

Hey, person who takes a piss in a public restroom and then doesn't wash their hands. You, I hate you just in general all the time, so I'm throwing you in with this general public hate fest.

Why the hate? Because you are part of the problem. You aren't part of the team. You aren't even trying.

Little kids, old people, the immune compromised, and other groups, they already have strikes against them and you, you just blow your SNOT all around. Keep it up, continue being inconsiderate, see what happens, come near me...

So when I come at you with my shovel, and my bleach, don't say I didn't warn you.

What to do if you get sick-from the CDC (did you know I was offered a job a the CDC? Yeah, because of this...


tracyb said...

good link, thanks!

Susie said...

You crack me up, Hol. And I'm a little bit scared too.

Carina said...

Hear, hear! All in favor? All opposed? Motion carries.

simply patti said...

Antecube. The elbow pit is called an antecube. Sheesh, Holly!