Thursday, October 15, 2009

Friday, I'm Flora

I was busy Wednesday Night picking out a sensible sweater to....You guessed it! Wear with a fancy prom dress!!!

Why? Because I get to be Flora on Friday!

Ok, I don't think "get to be" is exactly the phrase I should use. I think "married into the Grange," would be more accurate.

So Flora on Friday! it is. If you put me in a choir gown and I have to wear a flower head get a Salvation Army Prom Dress, a Smart Cardigan and Sensible Shoes. Yeah.

Afterward, the Ogre's taking my fancy ass out on the town...Straight to the Casino!

Photos to follow! State Grange Contest info will be announced asap! I'm going to look so sassy!! You know I love to dress up and slay zombies!


tracyb said...

Totally off topic . . . guess what I learned today at the library? Alpacas are part of the camel family
(totally random, but I was thinking of WonderWhyGal and thought you could share)

tracyb said...

oh poop, I just read down further and see you already know my fact for the day!