Thursday, October 29, 2009

Do you have a Job

Yesterday, someone asked me if I had a job. I said no.

That's because I apparently like being treated like shit for no pay, being criticized when things don't go the way other people think they should, and cleaning up other people's messes.


Funny thing is, the more I do it, the more I want to keep doing it. Even with the bad parts, you can't make up for the good. I'm not an adrenaline junkie, I'm a philanthropist junkie. Mother May I Volunteer? It's going to be Tori Spelling's next Lifetime movie.

Recently, The Ogre and I helped with the Home Grange Halloween Party. I worked mostly in the kitchen slinging Sloppy Joes.

I bleached those tables, because I care

Pirate Pig! Those are eyes sewn on his vest!!

Great costume on the cheap! Black clothes, cobwebs, white and black face paint!!

2009 Costume Winners!!!

Andrea showed up at the Grange Halloween as a Charity Knitter.

I know, I know you think I haven't been knitting! But I have. It's all been for this...
I really do need a cricut! I made ANOTHER sign.

That's a hand knit hat and scarf set on that sign See, everything will fit somebody!

Ok, sometimes, it won't fit somebody local. I'm going to have to either market these as decorations, or actually make new mates for these. Because no matter what angle I look at these...they just aren't the same size.

(On that note, I saw a guy in a wheel chair with only one leg yesterday. I said "hi" to him and had to bite my tongue...I almost asked if I could knit a sock for him. I finally found a place for all the SINGLE socks I knit. Bonus-he lives in my town!!!!!)

Hey, speaking of Grange, check out the Michigan State Grange awards that got handed out...

Sister Bear 1st Place in Jr Grange Photography and Fiber Arts-Other!

Now, tell me do I have a job? Setting a good example for all of these guys...

I have to make up for all the swearing I do in front of the Pigs...

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