Monday, September 14, 2009

Zombies Hate Fancy Dress Occasions

During the garage sale, things got a little slow. So I tried on Beth's wedding dress.

Wouldn't you know that's when zombies started lumbering towards the house again? What do they have against fancy dress clothes? I mean really. Luckily I always have a shovel ready.

This may also be because I never seem to put my garden tools away. You say lazy, I say prepared.

Now, why was I messing with Beth's dress and not my own? Well, she decided that she didn't want to keep her dress and PK could do whatever she wanted to with it. After saving it for 9 years, PK decided to sell it, and send Beth the cash $.

Little did either of them know I'd commandeer it and slay zombies in it. (Beth, I'm saving it for Addy to play with, it's fun!)

Ok, this is why I don't run around in the front yard in my wedding dress.
It's too big. Yes, I wear fancy clothes in the garage quite often as it turns out. Again, close to the

Hey Ogre, how many years have you been putting up with this crazy?

You know you'd be bored without me.

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Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

I love your crazy.