Friday, September 11, 2009

You don't get this sort of Fun

The garage sale at my house has been going about as well as a garage sale at my house could be expected. We had a run in with zombies early on.

Turns out, although we spent some time apart over the past year and a half, PK can handle a shovel. The woman noticed a rogue zombie ambling across the field, shouted "you're not bustin'
up my Pfaltzgraff!! I want 30 bucks for those!"

She then promptly grabbed a shovel, jumped the fence and eliminated the threat. Nicely done.

Then, in true bizarro land form a lady with a parrot, excuse me, a macaw, shows up with Santa Claus at the garage sale. Yes, only here at Casa de Ogre does this happen. We were schooled on the care of macaws, got to see the glory of it's poop, and Santa did some shopping. I never wanted to use a shovel more.

We figured we were making about $3.75 an hour. Completely worth it just in entertainment value alone.

Sooo, if you would like to join in the fun, or get a great deal on an entertainment center itself, come on down. It's worth it to see the giant signs I've made. People think there should be a block sale, and it's just us. If you show up, Med Mocha, SOY, no whip would be greatly appreciated.

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