Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wonder Why? Well, Find Out!

You know how I am always talking about the Grange, and knitting, and spinning and Alpacas? Well, now it's your chance to experience it all at the:

The Alpaca Wonder Weekend
with a
Wonder-ful Pen Sale!

Presented by
The Wonder Why Alpaca Farm, LLC

Saturday, October 3, 2009
10am - 4pm

7 miles south of I94/ Battle Creek, MI

1996 E Dr S

East Leroy, MI 49051

Admission: FREE

Check our website

for details.


Ok, how does this all tie in? Well, you go to the Farm, You see, hear, feel, touch, learn all about the WONDER!

Then Home Grange #129 will feed you for a low, low price. Yes, the Grange will be there as a food vendor!

We're talking about some of the food you missed from the Pancake Tent at the Calhoun County Fair this year. No, I'm not making you ruddy Pancakes, but there will be the special recipe Pancake Tent Sloppy Joes. Plus hot dogs, and Wonder Why Alpaca Egg Salad sandwiches. Yeah, it's a Wonder how they get the eggs from the Alpacas.

Plus, a variety of chips, baked goods, and for those who need energy (not Andrea) Monster Energy drink, plus sodas. There will be FREE COFFEE. Everything else, I'm charging you for. But it will be the regular AWESOMELY LOW Home Grange Prices.

Wait, knitting and spinning too?

The Zombie Prom Date Knitters will also be there! You know, adding style, and zombie protection to the Alpaca crowd. I hear those Peruvian Zombies are just a nightmare.

Spinsanity Spindles!
Hope to see you all there. It's going to be a great time!!!


Linda said...

Wonder Why Alpaca Egg Salad sandwiches??? Those are some pretty "special" alpacas! Wish I could be there cuz you guys have just way too much fun!

Carina said...

I'm really looking forward to this. :)

Cimorine said...

That sounds totally awesome! wish I lived in MI. :(