Thursday, September 17, 2009

But, I don't sew...

It's over, the Kidney Kozy Smackdown II that is. Of course we lost to the Kalamazoo Knit and Crochet Meet Up Group.

Actually, I think the dialysis patients won, we knit 12 Kozies, their group made 30 so 40 Kozies will be donated to the people over in the Battle Creek area getting dialysis. I may officially change my middle name to Tom Sawyer. They think they beat us, I white washed them in to knitting 30 Kidney Kozies, while I went fishing.

Ah, I'm going to go smoke out of my corn cob pipe now, come on Huck.

Anyway, we had our prize drawing was held Tuesday at the Koffee Klutch in Galesburg. (For the record, Dang Lu Ann, your mochas (medium, soy, no whip) are top notch!)

Yes, this is a retired carbide helmet, kindly donated by my cousin Matt. It's was supposed to be for the Pigs to play with, but really, I swipe it pretty often. It's AWESOME. Thanks Matt. I know you miss it.

Chris of Briar Rose Fibers generously donated 2 beautiful skeins of yarn to spur on the creative juices. Here we have one of our lucky winners:

Our very own Andrea of the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm!

She was actually speechless.

Our next skein went to Zelma! Thank you Zelma for the 4 lovely Kidney Kozies. Cables and everything.

She's no slouch.(Marty and Alice will be transporting. She's busy knitting more Kozies.)

Kentucky Irish won an item of her choice (I'm pretty sure that excludes an actual alpaca, kitten, or child) from the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm.

Our Final drawing for the day was for Cookies made by Em.

Hey Em, sucks to be you....

Photos taken with Rebecca's AWESOME, not EVIL camera.

Look at the quality! DANG.

The Ogre had some questions for me when I got home from all the glory of Kidney Kozies. He said "I get that you've been busy:

You and Rebecca sent supplies to Iraq as part of Iraqi Bundles of Love. That was great.

You helped Shannon and her family with the Highway Clean up.

You and the Zombie Prom Date Knitters tricked other people into making Kidney Kozies.

You do all this great generous stuff for other people, and this is what you do for me? Duct tape?

But, I don't sew.


Linda said...

Duct tape? Bwahahahahahaha! OMG! You crack me up!

Dawn said...

I love duct tape!! It fixes EVERYTHING!!

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Duct tape...that's it! Next time we want you to come out and play, we'll duct tape Ogre to the ottoman. Shhh, it'll work.