Friday, August 21, 2009

To do, and why

To do list:

1. Mow Lawn
2. Seal Seams on Tent
3. Clean Fish Tank
4. Organize Cubbie thing by door-it's full of mittens

What will happen:

1. Push mower to front lawn to show neighbors I intend to mow. I'm really out of gas. I mean I have gas, because I eat a lot of Kashi go Poo cereal, but I mean Petrol.

2. Put tent away, because really, how often does it rain when you go camping? (You've seen the photos, it's everytime.)

3. Those fish don't need clean water. It's like a natural habitat. Crap, now I feel mean.

4. Heck, it's August, those Pigs are going to need those mittens again soon anyway.

I'm practically done!


WonderWhyGal said...

Oh, I foresee a roman coke in there too! Makes the time management so much easier to handle!

Holly Bee said...

Yes, roman coke at 7. We are taking Ogre's Dad out for ice cream tonight.

Out of lawn mower gas. Fixed a bike, cleaned up cat pee...can I come over and scoop paca poo instead?

WonderWhyGal said...

I will ALWAYS have pacapoo for you to scoop! I mowed the backyard then clogged Hubby's mower again. I might have to join you in the roman coke at 7.

Cimorine said...

hahahahaha! I've been there in the cleaning of the fish tank! and the chores? tell me about it!! :) you sure we're not sisters from an alternate universe? :)

Holly Bee said...

We're so bad at the to do list, we forgot to get the ice cream!

My fish are going to die.