Sunday, August 09, 2009


Camping! With 3 Pigs, 2 Kids and 3 adults.

No matter how you count that, the adults are out numbered.

We did manage to catch one kid, and wrangle it into pj's and clean it's face, we neglected to clean it's feet. Although I did sing her a pretty song to help her fall asleep. I kept time to the racing cars from the Galesburg Speedway we could hear in the not too far off distance.

Later that night Britney (Spears?) and Jake (Busey?) were holding blood sport matches between raccoons and their kids right next to my tent. Which wouldn't have been so bad except the fighting ring was outlined in beer pee. Sadly, as the night progressed, the aim got worse and the ring got closer and closer to my tent. AWESOME!

Next day, we found the highlight of our camping experience. No, it wasn't poison ivy. It was...the butt hole!!!

Really, the kids fought over it.

We sat and laughed. No, we weren't smart enough to bring chairs.

Actually, we did bring chairs. We brought them during the thunder storm. To the big empty field with the butt hole. Knitting with metal needles, in a metal chair, in a field, with a butt hole, (Dad says you're gonna be late again you Butthole.) Smart, no. Having fun? Always!!!

I would like to point out that Sarah was reading a book. I won't tell you what book she was reading, because I don't want to embaress her, or let you ruin the story for her. Because you and I have already read these books.

There was only one injury, it was a sliver. I did surgery on the victim with a safety pin, and Sarah applied the oweeee spray.

Don't worry. It was John.

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