Friday, August 07, 2009

August Grange Chicken BBQ

This is the post telling you that it's Grange Chicken BBQ tonight!

previous well loved cake
But I should be baking a cake or two right now rather than monstering around on the computer.

Honestly, I'd rather be spinning Wonder Why Alpaca Suri,

Evil devil fluff
getting voodoo fix
NOT-Wonder Fluff

merino, bamboo blend,

but really I should be mowing the front lawn.

This is what a mowed lawn looks like
Back to those cakes for the Delicious Grange Chicken BBQ which is at

Home Grange 129
B Dr S & 9 1/2 mile rd
Battle Creek/Newton Township (it's sort of a state of mind thing)

I believe it runs 430-7 Yes, show up at 430 and say I sent you and see what happens. They'll probably put you to work. Speaking of work, I should probably make that cake, er, cakes.


Linda said...

Hey Holly! Why don't you go bake a cake or something?
And how come when I type piece of cake here I don't get a little piece of cake icon?? That should be standard all over the internet don't you think? Oh yea and those Agree/Dissagree/Interesting/Educational buttons, we need those web wide too.
Not that you can make that happen. Just sayin'.

Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

No... you should spin... not mow the lawn...

Can I have some cake?