Sunday, July 12, 2009

On the Road Again...

Sure, I just stole the song from Willie, and now I'm going to send you over for the update from Spinsanity. Really, go. Let her explain what crap the general public throws out of their cars onto the side of the highway. IF I SEE YOU THROWING CRAP OUT OF YOUR WINDOW, I WILL REPORT YOU TO THE POLICE. REALLY.

But holy crap from an Alpaca am I beat. The Ogre says that I am not longer allowed to pump so much community service into a 24 hour period...

America Red Cross
Blood Donation with Sarah on Friday...I finally got my gallon!

Grange Chicken BBQ Dinner Friday Night...I was the Bouncer/town cry/greeter-Best Job EVER!

Sat. Zombie Prom Date Knitter Adopt A Highway Road Crew-87 degrees of red hot rotting flesh. No, not mine, the deer, possum, and, well, dang it, I lost the game.

Then, Sat night Grange Meeting. Sunday, co hosted a really rocking family reunion at the Binder Park zoo. There are photos. They will be posted, as soon as I find my ass. I'm going back out on the highway, tomorrow, to go look for it.

Join us tomorrow! Meeting at 930. If interested, please leave a comment for more meet up info.
People who work get entered in a drawing for a fabulous prize!

Lunch tomorrow will be Good to Go Chicken Salad Sandwiches on Croissants (I'm back on meat! Worst Vegetarian Ever!) and Kool Aid to Drink. Sorry, Brownies are gone.


Linda said...

You guys are TOTALLY AWESOME!!!
You all deserve Medals for dealing with all that dangerous trash!
Gold Stars all around!

Bec said...

I brought home a little souvenir. As I was getting ready to take my aptly named "Silkwood" shower, the little bastard ran up from my back and over my shoulder. AHHHHHHHHH! I ended up trapping him in between a folded breathe right strip. Having never seen a tick before, I needed to compare him to some mug shots. Yep. Tick-toc. Now I can join Shannon and Alice in having tried to look at my ass crack since I needed to give myself a good look!

Alpaca Farmgirl said...

Just what I was looking for. MORE Public Art and Knitting! Thanks for sharing this.

All I can say about this particular project is - damn, you're dedicated! :) Plus it's purty.