Wednesday, July 08, 2009

News Flash!

For those keeping track:

On attempt three, around hour 3.5, the toilet seat that was hermetically sealed

to toilet with a foul mixture of Pig urine, rust, the mixing of "earth friendly" cleaning products and harsh toxic chemicals was finally removed.

How you ask?

A drill, a wrench, a flat head screw driver, the promise of tents, the threat of death upon reentry of the house, complete denial that my hair was in fact touching the spot where the toilet plunger lives, and the crazy determination that keeps making those ugly Kidney Kozies...Snot Power!

So, if you have a towel seat that had plastic nuts on metal screws and they have lost the inability to unscrew, here's my advice to you...Rum and Coke, or just decide you need a new toilet.


tracyb said...

yuck :(

Linda said...

LOL! Even when you don't leave the house you have an adventure!

Holly Bee said...

Oh, it was an adventure all righty. Nasty yucky and pee soaked 3 day adventure. I'd rather go back to the sub. For a week. I loved that sub.