Monday, July 13, 2009

MDOT, Wonder Why Farm, Vests=FUN!!!

Well, the Zombie Prom Date Knitters Road Crew really missed you today. Spinsanity, Em, Crystal with an H, Alice and I and then...

We had Rebecca at our Bec and call. We had to break her away from making another Helena sweater! I need to take a break and help with the Helena Clad baby Army!!

Then we had Andrea join us. She even thought to bring hats for those of us who forgot. Hurrah! for Wonder Why Alpaca Farm!

For a SERIOUS review of the day's work, check out Wonder Why Gal Andrea's blog. Plus, more exciting photos, like this one I lifted!

Yes, that's my bedazzled vest. Guess who was impressed with the quality and awesome of said vest?

MDOT guys!!! That's right, the MDOT guys thought we were AWESOME. We picked up so much trash, they had to go dump it, and come back! They also said we were the best looking work crew they'd ever seen. Yeah, I think they just wanted some hand knits, or bedazzled vests. But, a compliment, is a compliment.

Wait that's not all! We had a lovley picnic lunch of chicken salad sandwiches from Good to Go Cafe at the rest stop. Food tastes better after a dirty job. I bet Mike Rowe's food tastes good a lot!

Sooo, do you want in on this fun? You might find a motorcycle, or, well, at least the plate.

We're meeting up again, tomorrow at 930 am at the same rest stop...JOIN US!!!

Hummus and pita for snack! Maybe brownies?

Hey, I don't just do road work...I've been spinning too!

It's orange and pink.


Susie said...

You're a busy bee! I found this game, Plants vs Zombies, and think of you each time I play!

Holly Bee said...

Oooh, plants vs zombies!!! That sounds very fun!!

I want Resident Evil for my ipod. I told the Ogre it would be a business expense.

Arrgh. Off to fight the evil that is litter!!

Linda said...

Of course it's Orange & Pink!

simply patti said...

I bet Mike Rowe taste good, too... mmm, mmm, good ;-)