Monday, July 27, 2009

I always have fun

The family and I were in Davison for the Ogre's family reunion.

Tall ones in the back!

No zombies. Zombies and their makers know to steer clear of this event. We just had to fend off mosquitoes the size of vw's.

the fun one and the grumpy one

Plus Darth Vader. We're apparently related to Darth Vader.

Don't kill your brother
even if he is evil

I talked with one of the Ogre's uncles about fixing the front end of my car. He suggested I stopped hitting small woodland creatures, large woodland creatures, birds of flight, fancy and prey. He also added that the Mazda 5 no longer be used as a towing vehicle or to slay zombies. It's making it pull to the right.

The beloved family egg toss.

You can tell I am a married in part of the family, I do not so much find egg toss beloved. I'd rather do water balloon toss.

For some reason, I believe it may have been due to the shortness, and the similar hair cut, or my love of water, the kids decided to constantly shoot me with water. Like all 20 of the kids.
Or maybe it was because I would retaliate, and my aim was shoddy, and they knew I was too short to pick them up and throw them into the pool. Either way, I was an easy target. Asses.

Speaking of asses...

Shut up. It's for sick kidneys. It's to keep them kozy.

kidney kozy part, hell, I lost count


Dawn said...

Love the kidney kozie! I need to get started on one.

Ankur Kapil said...
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