Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Home Grange 4th of July Parade

Do you wait all day on the 4th of July for it to get dark so you can do fireworks? Kids driving you crazy because they're "bored?" Well, come on out to the Home Grange's 25th Annual 4th of July Parade!!!

UPDATE: Spinsanity and her famous spindles Wonder Why Alpaca Farm, and Carina will do non Holly style knitting instruction!!! I will be doing tattoos.

It's just a hop, skip and a jump away over in lovely Newton Township (it's by Binder Park Zoo, roughly in the Middle of Nowhere, but really, it's by the zoo) The actual Grange Hall is at 9 1/2 mile and B drive S. It's been pointed out to me that if you are driving South on M66, the sign for B dr South is gone. So, turn left at the stop light on M66 that says Binder Park Golf Course. That's B Drive South.

Here is the Parade info from the Battle Creek Gazette. If you'd like to see the original article, with photos, please follow the link...the following was written by Roland Winter. I have a Guest blogger today! The Ogre's Grandpa!

Join us in Newton Township on Saturday, July 4th, at 8 Mile Road and B Drive S
It just keeps getting better and better! 25 years ago, with just a few Grange Members participating, a tradition for the community in Newton Township came to life. Led by a majorette and followed by the American flag plus a decorated bicycle or two the parade participants arrived at the destination of the annual picnic. Now the annual picnic is not simply an event for Grange members, but a community gathering sponsored by the Home grange.The sight of flags, smiling faces, horses, and an assortment of interesting vehicles are coupled with the sounds of engines chugging, horses neighing, feet hitting the pavement.

Everyone is invited to participate or watch the parade! Bring a lawn chair! There is no entry fee and no cash prizes Line-up is at 10 a.m. on 8 Mile Road at B Drive S. Feel free to Make a Float Ride a Bike Bring Your Pet Ride Your Horse Drive a Tractor Ride a Motorcycle Dress Up Drive a Car Use Lots of RED, WHITE, & BLUE. We will step off at 11 a.m. traveling East to Grange Hall. 2009 Home Grange #129 4th of July Parade Grand Marshal is Jase Bolger, Michigan House Representative from the 63rd District.

Then after the parade, following FREE hot dogs & pop, there will be other activities such as:

• Music

• Horse rides

• Old-fashioned Engines

• Old tyme contests: Water melon seed spitting contest, Three-legged race, Nail Driving Contest, Penny Search in Sawdust, Egg Toss Contest

• Bunnies to pet and face painting

• Plenty of time to visit with friends, neighbors, and community leaders; See our Emergency Response vehicles/equipment.

Home Grange members will also be available to give information about upcoming service projects, chicken BBQ dinners, and membership! For more information: So Grab a relative Call the family Invite a neighbor to join you as you join us! Hope to see you there.


Linda said...

I'm tellin ya, I have to move to The Middle of Nowhere cuz y'all have the coolest stuff happenin'!

Holly Bee said...

Sometimes the Middle of Nowhere is rockin'!!!

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Aww, poor Linda. All the cool kids will be there!